Capability Development for Consumer Goods and Services Organisations

Asbicon Learning is based on the structured and progressive methodology of GAIN and WIN which has been specifically developed for the Consumer Goods and Services sector. Asbicon Learning enables this through a combination of virtual and physical training sessions across the world. Clients have high flexibility of choosing Single person – Single learning capsule training through to a full calendar of training based on GAIN and WIN for hundreds of employees.

E – Learning

All of our training capsules can be delivered through Self Led E-Learning via our online Learning Management System.  In our E-Learning environment, all of the capsules have been designed by industry experts and are stimulating and interactive but you will lead your own training at your own rate going through each capsule at a time and pace that suits you.

Virtual Assisted Learning

All of our training capsules can be delivered through Virtual Assisted Learning via our online Learning Management System.  In our Virtual Assisted Learning environment, the training will be delivered in an online environment but with a physical trainer who will be an industry expert taking you through the training on a step by step basis.  There will be a maximum of 4 delegates on each training session meaning that you can get the most out of having an industry expert on hand to lead you through the training.

Classroom Training

All of our classroom based training is delivered through 2-day workshops which will cover the 5 training capsules in each of the 4 pillars of G.A.I.N.  A maximum of 12 delegates per workshop which can delivered at a venue of the client’s choice.  The trainer leading the workshop will be an industry expert who will not only be able to deliver the training but share their real-life experiences in the industry.

Custom Requirements based Training

Asbicon Learning can structure training content and delivery based on specific client requirements. Please get in touch for a detailed discussion.